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Coming to an end

September 20, 2012
We decided on a brunch start to the morning, waiting on the camp director to give us our marching orders for the day. We had Noel’s special scrambled eggs and Mary’s bacon. This is the most wonderful bacon anyone could possibly eat. We did manage to leave one piece, so Mary could make BLT’s tomorrow. And, did I mention that the bacon was so good? After brunch we headed off for a wine tasting tour at Crane Creek Vineyards. This Vineyard is very nice and the lady doing the wine tasting was great. And Noel didn’t even know the lady or any of her relatives. The grounds were manicured and they had a fantastic herb and vegetable garden. After the wine tasting we headed off to Brass Town Valley Resort, in Young Harrias Georgia. It’s a very nice resort that is owned by the state. They also have a golf course and tennis courts. It’s an amazing place and the prices are not that bad. Of course Noel and Mary did run into someone at the resort that was with a group representing women’s health. They knew her son who works for a rafting tour company. I just knew we couldn’t make it through the day without running into someone they knew or someone they were related too. We made it back to the cabin in time to freshen up and get ready for dinner at Cucina Rustica, an Italian restaurant. The dinner was fabulous and Noel and Mary have their own table, reserved just for them. And did I mention, they know the owners, all their children and grandchildren. They are also invited to Florida this winter. So here we are back at the cabin, I phone, I pad and computer in hand watching Net Flicks and sipping Bailey’s. One only can guess what tomorrow will bring. Only the shadow knows what lurks in the mind of the camp counselor.
September 21, 2012
The camp counselor had us moving early this morning. No big breakfast for us buckaroos, we are off to the stables to try our luck at horseback riding. The hardest part was trying to fit in those blue jeans. It’s amazing how that cherry pie creeps up on you. Anyway, away we went to Adventure Trail Rides. Noel and Mary have been there so many times, they have their own horses. We received the briefing on all the hazards of trail riding and that didn’t’ scare us, so off we went join up with our mighty steeds. The ride was one of the best that I have been on. The trail winds through the woods with some magnificent views of the mountains. Most the horses knew what to do, so there wasn’t much input needed from our end. Of course, there is always one bad boy and Mary happened to have the lucky number. This horse never passes up a free meal. Mary spent most of the ride trying to keep the horse on the trail. He had a tendency to wander off and eat anything within his reach. I was riding behind this gaseous steed and had the pleasure of watching the whole show. We made it back to the stables and thanked our trail guide, who was outstanding. If you are up this way, make sure you check it out. We stopped at the ranch for a quick turnaround, before heading for lunch at Angeline’s, again. It was another nice lunch with some great homemade soup. Noel and I dropped the ladies off in town to shop, while we ran some errands. As luck would have it, we managed to stall long enough, that when we hooked up with Mary and Annette, they were shopped out. That would not have happened if Sherri was here. Sherri, they need more training. You’ll have to work on that over the winter. We are now back at the cabin, Mary and Annette are snoozing, Noel is nodding from time to time and I on the other hand, am sipping my gin and tonic and writing this blog. I need to get a life. We are doing hotdogs tonight and pre packing the car for our departure tomorrow morning. We will really miss Noel and Mary, their beautiful cabin, the great views, all the fun stuff and their loving hospitality. Not to mention the bloodies! So it’s off to Ocala Florida tomorrow morning and then back in Bonita Springs on Sunday. Sorry we missed Sunday Tennis again but we just don’t want to do 11 hour drives anymore.
Annette and I can’t say enough about all of you who have welcomed us into your homes, showed us your wonderful hospitality and spent time out of your lives showing us around. We appreciate it more than you could ever imagine. You are all so great, we love you all and we will have to get together in Florida, to thank you all in person. And a real big thanks to Barb and Lois for doing Sunday Tennis while we were away. You guys are great! Thanks again. We can’t wait to see everyone in Florida, we had a great time but we do miss all of you. Have a great weekend and see you all soon.
Love Bob and Annette

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Blue Ridge Gerogia

September 16, 2012
Rain, rain and more rain! It was off and on all day long. We did get in a little site seeing but that was about it. We watched some football and played words. This is really sad, two adults sitting in the same room playing games on their I phones. In-between football and words we snacked and sipped wine. Off to bed after a real dull day.
September 17, 2012
More rain again and it rained all the way to Florence Alabama our destination for the day. The town is flooding in some areas. We drove through puddles up to the running boards. Not only water but that red muddy water you get with the red clay runoff. It Looks like we are eating ribs tonight and then off to bed. We can’t wait to see Noel and Mary tomorrow.
September 18, 2012
It was another day in the rain. It was a four hour drive to Blue Ridge and it rained all the way. It finally let up when we were about 10 miles from Noel and Mary’s. We pulled in around 2:30 and Noel met us on the front porch with a try full of bloodies. Not just regular bloodies, the ones made exclusively with Blue Ridge tomatoes. We talked and sat on the deck with cocktails in hand and then had a wonderful dinner, prepared by the ultimate Blue Ridge Chef, Noel and his lovely assistant and salad maker Mary. Everything was outstanding and the company was even better. It was so great to see them both and their beautiful cabin. And “our” downstairs bedroom, Norm and Sherri, was set up and ready to go. Well it’s off to bed and we will have to see what the camp director planed for tomorrow.
September 19, 2012
We slept in and awoke to a beautiful day. Low humidity and temps in the 70’s. After breakfast the camp director, Noel, had us put our hiking boots on and get ready to hike. After a short ride and 5 miles on a dirt road we made it to the trailhead. The trail was part of the Appalachian Trail that runs from Georgia to Maine. We branched off onto the Benton Mackaye Trail that ended at the foot of this beautiful waterfall, Long Creek Falls. After some photos we headed back to the car and it was off to lunch. Lunch was at Angelina’s. The food was outstanding and the soup was homemade. If you are ever in the area make sure you check it out. Back at the ranch we settled in for cocktails and conversation. We were also waiting for Noel’s short ribs that have been simmering since this morning. Wow, were they ever good. After dinner Noel cranked up the fire pit and we capped off the night with some Bailey’s and cherry pie. Note to self, do not end the night with cherry pie and then go right to bed. That pie somehow grows larger during the night. Anyway, it was an outstanding day and so great to be with Noel and Mary again.
Bob and Annette

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September 14, 20
We headed out of Steamboat Springs early in the morning. On a side note, we were in a what-not shop in town, when the couple next to us was telling the clerk they were from Florida. So we asked them where they were from, no not Palmira, just up the road in Fort Meyers Beach. Nice folks who were traveling around the country. Anyway, back to the trip log. We headed North over Rabbit Ears Pass toward Denver. You reach over 11 thousand feet before you start your decent into Denver. The rest of the day was spent traveling through the high plains of Colorado and Kansas. You leave the mountains behind, with their golden aspens in full color, to the flat plains with their huge farms of crops and cattle. It appears that the farmers are subsidizing their income with oil and gas drilling. Again, they all seem to coexist nicely with farming, cattle and wildlife all sharing the same area. We also saw row after row of wind mills, some turning some stationary. The landscape gradually changes from flat to rolling hills before we arrived in Junction City Kansas. It’s just West of Topeka. After having another Garmin I Pad discussion, we managed to find a place to eat. The first two places were closed and number three was a great find, Coach’s. The special was a 14oz New York Strip, baked potato, salad and veggies for 14 dollars. I would have asked for a doggie bag but we are traveling and you just have to suck it up and eat the whole damn thing. I did leave some veggies, just so the waitress wouldn’t think I was a complete hog. Annette had the Rib Eye and there was no doggie bag to be found. So it’s off to the hotel for a goodnights sleep. Did we bring the Tums?
September 15, 2012
We left Kansas heading through Missouri to Arkansas our destination for the next two days. We are staying at a Wyndham Resort at Fairfield Bay, near Shirley. Shirley has three paved streets and no facilities, just to give you the picture of where we are. That’s what you get when you are in the Ozark Mountains. Does Deliverance ring a bell? The ride here would have been great, except for the rain and fog that we drove through most of the day. We are at the condo and it’s still raining and still foggy and it doesn’t look to good for tomorrow. We’ll keep the faith and hopefully it will clear. Well, it’s wine time, and maybe even martini time. Sorry Noel and Mary, that bottle of Gin we had earmarked for Blue Ridge, might be in jeopardy. Oh by the way, all those jokes you get about red necks living in Missouri and Arkansas; they are not jokes, they are all true stories. I know you are replaying all those images in your mind. We are settled in, snacking and wining. The condo is really nice. It has two bedrooms with a wraparound deck and a fireplace in the livening room. Quite cozy if I say so myself and when the fogs lifts I’ll let you know about the view.
Bob and Annette.

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Steamboat Springs

September 9, 2012
Not much going on today, on and off rain and windy. We spent most of the day watching the Pats game and the US open tennis finals. We did manage to squeeze in some tennis in between the rain drops. All and all it is was a kickback day.
September 10, 2012
The morning wasn’t looking good for outdoor activities. The wind was blowing a steady 30 mph and they were predicting rain showers during the day. They are still having problems with the smoke from all the wildfires. We spent some time in the morning pre packing the car for our early departure in the morning. The car needed an oil change, so we were off to Coeur D’Alene, to get that task out of the way. We ended up at a Honda dealer, who was nice enough to squeeze us in and get us on our way in under an hour. They do things different in the Wild West. We walked around town and had a nice lunch before heading back to the condo. They have freeze warning for tomorrow morning, so it will be a cold start. Hopefully it will warm up by the time we get to Idaho Falls, our stop for the night. That’s about it, pretty boring stuff.
September 11, 2012
Travel day today to Idaho Falls. We left Blanchard Idaho with temps in the low thirties. We stopped along the way at this little restaurant in the middle of nowhere. It didn’t look great from the outside but the food was great. Annette had some homemade beef soup and I had the chili with cheese and onions. A little daring with another few hours in the car! We had a long drive to Idaho Falls, where we stopped for the night. Some nice scenery along the way and still a lot of smoke from the fires that are still burning and the new fires that have recently started from the lightning strikes. We had dinner in the Celt Pub and Grill. The food was good and the beer was cold, what more could you ask for. Maybe a nice steak dinner for a change! Anyway, we can fix that problem tomorrow.
September 12, 2012
We started out early this morning with temps still in the thirties. The drive was nice and scenic but there was still smoke in the air, all the way to Colorado. We arrived at the condo in Steamboat Springs around 3pm. This is a very nice area with many shops and dinning choices. There are bike paths, lakes, hiking and many outdoor activities to satisfy every ones tastes. We ate dinner at the Mahogany Ridge Brewery, that was recommended by the girl at the front desk. Annette had the lamb and I had steak, both of which were exceptional. The service was great and all and all it was a good choice. We have a down day tomorrow before the next leg of the trip, somewhere in Kansas.
September 13, 2012
We slept in this morning and after relaxing for awhile we went for a bike ride. They have a very nice bike trail that runs along the Yampa River. The trail branches off into Steamboat Springs, so we headed to town for a cappuccino. We even found an old time soda fountain that made Lime Ricky's, with fresh squeezed limes. If you've never had one, give it a try sometime. We walked around town for awhile and then headed back to the condo. The trail was a little uphill on the way back and at 6000 feet you could really feel the old heart pumping. If felt like it was coming through chest. I guess you just have to get use to the altitude. Or, you could just head back to Florida, where we find our good friend, sea level. We might go back to town later for a cold one and we will probable eat at the condo tonight. We have a few more days before we hookup with Noel and Mary in Georgia and can’t wait to see them. We are missing all our friends in Florida and can’t wait to see you all. Take care and see you all soon.
Bob and Annette

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Spirit Lake ID

September 6, 2012
We slept in this morning and not in any rush to get moving. We had our coffee and decided to start eating healthy, so we had banana and apple for breakfast. Thank God we only bought two of each. After breakfast we set out on a hike. The hike starts out at the Delta Lodge with some great views of the valley and the surrounding mountains. The mountains did get snow while we were getting rain at the lower elevations. This made for some spectacular sights with the low clouds and the snow on the mountain peaks. The trail quickly transitions from the open vistas to cross country ski trails that wind through the mountains. We came across some deer grazing along the trail and they had no problem posing for pictures. We did a few miles and then did lunch at the lodge. Thanks goodness, some real food, lamb burger and fries, so much for the healthy stuff. After lunch we decide to play some tennis. They had six hard courts that were in great shape. We batted the ball around until our knees couldn’t take it any longer then headed back to the room. After showers and some I pad and I phone stuff, you guessed it, it was wine time. Off to our favorite lounge and favorite bartender for cocktails. He knows us by now and he had us sample a couple of drinks he has been working on. I might have to try one of them out on the Sunday Tennis group. We had dinner at the bar, back to the healthy stuff again, Caesar salad with steak. Ok, somewhat healthy. We watched some US Open Tennis, said our good buys to our new friends and off to bed.

September 7, 201

We left early this morning with the temps in the low thirties. The car wasn’t happy again and the seat warmers were cranked up on high. It was a long drive to our new destination, Blanchard Idaho. The resort is kind of dated but comfortable. They have a golf course, tennis courts and what looks like some interesting activities in the area. We will be here for a few days before heading to Steamboat Spring Colorado. We are checked in and finally had a home cooked meal. Not sure what’s on the agenda for tomorrow, we will just have to wait and see.

September 8, 2012

We slept in this morning and had a leisurely breakfast in the condo. Hey, it was just bagels but we toasted them ourselves. After breakfast we did a tour of the facilities and decided to play some tennis. They have 3 hard courts that are also set up for pickle ball. The activities director said pickle ball was a big deal in the community. We played some singles tennis and I believe it ended in a draw. I’m tuning up for my big continuing match against Dawson, when we get back to Florida. After lunch we did some kayaking on one of the small lakes near the condo. It wasn’t the greatest and the lake was in tough shape. They are having big problems with the same disease that is plaguing the UP and many of the lakes out west. After the kayaking we headed to Spirit Lake to pick up supplies. We took a small detour to check out the town and ended up at the White Horse Saloon, for a cold one. As luck would have it, the street was blocked off for a wedding. How can you leave with a wedding going on? The wedding party showed up at the bar for pre-wedding cocktails. Some great people, some from out of town in Seattle and some form Spirit Lake where the bride’s parents reside. On a side note, both the bride and groom have the same last name, Fox. If this was Kentucky I could understand but Idaho! Keep reading it gets better. The wedding starts with bag pipes and drums and then marching bands. Hold on, it gets even better. The groom comes down the street on a camel. I did have three beers but I have pictures to prove my point. You can’t make this stuff up! What are the chances? Anyway, if I was reading this blog, I would be saying, these guys drink too much but I do have the pictures. Back at the condo and wondering what tomorrow will bring. I'm not sure if we can top today!

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