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Hiking in the rain

August 15, 2012
We woke up to rain this morning. Looks like it will be on and off most of the day. Some look at this as bad, me on the other hand, see this as a free car wash along with a much needed down day. Annette and Sharon look at it as a perfect day for shopping and they were off late morning to the Christmas Tree Shop. I did some computer work and managed to squeeze in a haircut and even a nap. We did hook up with them for Dinner at the Wild Cat Tavern in Jackson. They have a special on Wednesday’s, two dinners for $25 dollars. Many of the restaurants in the area offer like specials on different days. The Wild Cat has been around for as long as I can remember. When we skied in the late 70’s we would come with the kids, sit on the old couch and enjoy the roaring fire. Anyway we had the prime rib, which was outstanding, then sat and talked about our plans for tomorrow. It was an early evening and we were in bed by 10pm. We will see what tomorrow brings.

August 16, 2012

More rain last night and today. We headed out in the morning to get the oil change in the car. After that we did a little shopping and found some great deals at the polo store. We went back to the condo for a quick lunch and then we hooked up with Dick and Sharon to do some hiking. I checked the weather app on my I phone and it looked like the rain was over. Well, we were just a short way into the hike and it started raining. The I phone can’t be wrong; it’s probably a quick shower, so we keep going. Well, it rained all the way up the mountain and all the way back down the mountain. It stopped just as we returned to the parking lot. Anyone want to buy an I phone, cheap. I think I put that out there once already. We came home to shower and change cloths before meeting up with Dick and Sharon for dinner at the Stonehurst Manor. Another one of those two for the price of one deals. Annette and I have stayed here several times and never been disappointed. The rooms are very nice and the food is over the top, especially the breakfast. After dinner it was off to the Theater in the Wood to see The Rouges. The Theater is located a ways back in the woods. It’s a large white tent structure with seating for maybe 200 people. They have a BYOB policy that everyone in the place followed. The Rouges are a Scottish/Irish group that plays some excellent music, mixed in with some great humor. They are also very patriotic and raise money for the Wounded Warriors. You put that all together and you have one outstanding evening. And yes, we did adhere to the BYOB policy. Oh by the way Sharon did inform me that I have been spelling her name wrong. It’s Sharon not Sharron, so everyone take your whiteout and make the corrections. I haven’t made a mistake like that since Lucie with a Y.
Bob and Annette

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Biking/Mount Washington Hotel

August 12, 2012
We left the Cape around 9:30 in the morning and started our trek to North Conway NH. We had rain most of the way but it cleared up just south of our destination. We arrive around 1:30 and decided on lunch at one of our favorite restaurants Horse Feathers. After lunch is was off to the condo and it was actually ready. That doesn’t happen very often. We did a little shopping and looking for a stay at home evening and an early retire. Then the phone call came and Dick and Sharron said they would be at their chalet around 7pm. Let me see, how you say no to Sharon, you don’t. We hooked up with them for cocktails and munchies, then we begged out around 9:30 and some much needed sleep.

August 13, 2012

It was nice to wake up with a view of the mountains and the sun shining. We hooked up with Dick and Sharon around noon for a round of golf at the Eagle Mountain House in Jackson. We asked about a Veterans discount and he charged us $30 dollars per couple for nine and threw in the carts for free. The course is a little on the rough side and has lots of elevated tees and greens. We had lots of fun and I did manage to win high score again. Not sure where my golf game has gone but I hope I find it somewhere on this trip. We stopped for a cold one at the 10 hole, well maybe it was two cold ones, but who is counting anyway. We headed back to the condo to clean up and have a little rest before meeting Dick and Sharon for dinner. We were celebrating Sharon’s birthday so we made reservation at the Christmas Farm Inn. It’s one of the many quaint inns in the Mount Washington Valley. The food was great and the martinis were outstanding. We sat and talked until they started setting the tables for breakfast and thought maybe it was time to leave. It was a great night with great friends and it doesn’t get much better than that.

August 14, 2012

It was another nice morning and we thought it would be a great day for a bike ride. We dropped our bikes at the Joe Jones bike shop in North Conway for a tune up the day we arrived, so I set out early in the morning to pick them up. Dick and Sharon don’t do a lot of riding, so after talking with the bike guy in the store, he thought it would be best to take the Kancamagus Hwy over to Lincoln. He said there was a fairly flat paved bike trail that runs from there to Franconia. So we decided we would head over and rent their bikes in Lincoln or Franconia. The Kancamagus Hwy is a very scenic ride but it takes time. So where retired and that’s all we have is time. We stopped at a bike shop in Lincoln at Loon Mountain and they did not have what we were looking for. So no problem we will find a bike shop along the way. We drove all the way to Franconia, with a few detours along the way, before arriving at a bike shop. Did I mention that it was now 12:30? After a conversation at the bike shop, we decided the best thing to do is rent for half a day and we would grab lunch up the street before starting our adventure. It was a great little lunch place, Wendle’s Delicatessen and it was very different. Everything is recycled, including the leftover food. They use the food to feed the pigs. The sandwiches were outstanding and everything was made fresh, including the bacon on my sandwich that probably came from the pig that ate the recycled food. Full circle! Ok, now it’s 1:30 and with our map in hand, off we go to find the bike trail. A short drive later we arrive at our destination and off we go. Well the level ride started out downhill and continued downhill for about 2 miles and then ended in another parking lot. After talking with a few folks in the lot we found out we went the wrong way out of the first lot. There was another entrance to the bike trail. Ok, still not a problem, we will just bike back and start again. I did mention the part about being all downhill. After the two mile bike ride back up the hill Sharon's cheeks looked like Rudolf’s nose. We checked out the other entrance, which started out with a very steep downhill grade and decided to call it a day. So off we went with visions of cold beer dancing in our heads. What better place to have a cold beer than the Mount Washington Hotel, just North of Crawford Notch State Park. It’s one of the grand old hotels that went to ruin and was finally restored to its original status. There are beautiful views of Mount Washington from the wraparound deck and an outstanding links golf course. If you are in the area stop by and tour the hotel and check out all the history within the walls. We stopped at Dick and Sharron’s chalet for cocktails and decided to eat in instead of our original plans to eat at Horse Feathers. After munchies, some grilled sausage, a martini or two and conversation we headed back to the condo and a good night sleep.
Funny story; the first night at the condo I woke up at one and thought I heard voices and music. Annette said she didn’t hear anything. The next night Annette said, she heard voices and music at one and was going to go downstairs and tell the folks to quiet down. We found the source of the music and voices; our clock radio was set on an AM station with very low volume and was coming on at 1am. Maybe it’s time to stop drinking before bedtime.
Bob and Annette

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Craig/Val Cookout

August 11, 2012
Off and on rain today but we managed to get the car packed up and ready to head North tomorrow. We woke the girls up around 10am and went for breakfast at Holly Berry’s. Every now and then you need one of those heart stopping fixes. You know eggs, sausage, home fries and buttered toast. It fills you up for the rest of the day. I’m not even sorry, I ate it all. Although, I lost a few home fries, to the small fries. Annette had these cranberry nut pancakes and the girls had these grilled scones that were huge. We rounded up our stay on the Cape with a cookout at Craig and Val’s. They have this smoker that is out of this world. They smoked some chicken breasts and made pulled chicken sandwiches. It was so good and you had to keep reminding yourself that it was chicken and not pork. We all spent some time in the new pool acting like kids and doing some chicken fighting. Well, we tried the fighting but Jodi almost drowned me, trying to get on my shoulders. Maybe it wasn’t her fault; it might have been the cold beer adding to the problem. Val’s mom and dad came over along with her sisters Christine and Lisa. Val’s Dad Fred, was also celebrating his birthday, so yes, there was cake. It was a great afternoon and evening and some tears and hugs when we departed, knowing we would not be seeing them again for awhile. We came back to the house and hit the sack. Hope there is no rain tomorrow.
Bob and Annette

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Woods Hole

August 8, 2012
We had a laid back morning and ran some errands in the afternoon. We hooked up with Craig and Val at their house for cocktails and then it was off to Falmouth and the Quarter Deck for dinner. The meals were great and the conversation was better. We ended the evening back at their house for a nightcap and more talking then it was off to bed and plans of what do we do tomorrow.

August 9, 2012

We had a late start this morning. The girls had a friend sleep over and they were up late last night. I had all the bikes serviced up and ready to go for a ride. One problem, when I finally checked my bike, it had a flat. No problem, I have a spare tube, right. The tire and tube were both blown out on the sidewall, not good. So the girls and Grammy were off to the beach and I was off to the bike shop. Forty dollars later and now 2pm, I was off for a ride all by myself. Later that evening Annette hooked up with Diane for some pizza and wine. I on the other hand was off to hookup with Scott for dinner at the Trevi Café and Wine Bar. Dinner and Pizza went well and we all settled back at the ranch around 10pm. I did manage to run into a friend of mine from the military, Frank, at Bobby Byrnes Pub. We didn’t have much time to talk but we promised to keep in touch on Facebook.

August 10, 2012

Dawn broke on the cloudy side and continued that way all day. Threatening clouds and a little rain could not stop us from our planed bike ride to Woods Hole. Woods Hole is home to the oceanographic Institute and the starting line for world famous Falmouth Road Race, which happens to be this Sunday. The race is 7.3 miles long and will bring in runners from all over the world. It starts right in front of Captain Kids Bar and ends in Falmouth Heights. The race originally ended at the Brothers Four Bar however it is no longer around. The race became famous when it attracted elite runners like Frank Shorter and Billy Rogers. The first year the race had 100 runners and this year there will be more than 10 thousand. It’s a fun race with many parties prior to, during and after the event. I’ve both run and officiated the race over the years and I still get the chills watching everyone come across the finish line. Anyway, I got off the track a little. All four of us were off and running around 11am, that’s early for these girls, and cruising on the bike trail. We were about 7 miles into the 10 mile trip when Jodi had a soar tailbone. So Jodi and I went back to the car and Tyler and Grammy keep going to Woods Hole. Jodi and I drove to Woods Hole, picked up the other two and it was off to lunch in Falmouth. We found this great place, Molly’s Tea Room. The food was outstanding and the raspberry ice tea was great. Not to mention the raspberry cake we shared after, yum. We are back at the ranch under a tornado watch and don’t have any plans for this evening. How the heck did this happen! Like Noel would say,” I need to plan better so I don’t leave so many time gaps”. We do miss everyone and can’t wait to see you all.
Bob and Annette

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Shopping and Diane

August 7, 2021
We woke up to another warm sunny day with low humidity. Loving it! We took our morning bike ride along the canal and even the wind Gods were with us. Not much of a headwind going and a tail wind for the ride back. Life is good. Annette and Cilla picked up the girls at Scott’s house and off they went to Hyannis to do some shopping. After a day of shopping and some Chinese food for lunch they made it back in time for our dinner date with our dear friend Diane. We went to the Sunset Grill at the golf course and had a nice dinner outside on the patio. The sunset was unbelievable. I hope the pictures came out. We went back to Diane’s for a glass of wine and talked until 10pm before we left and let her get some sleep. Chalk up another nice day. What will tomorrow bring?
Bob and Annette

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