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August 5, 2012
Another beautiful morning and another bike ride along the canal. Cilla and the girls went to church and then they were off to a lobster feast at their friend’s house. Annette and I headed to Lakeville to see my 92 year young, Uncle Bill. We had lunch at our favorite restaurant, Lorenzo’s. Another place our parents take us. It was great seeing Uncle Bill and my cousins, Billy and Rick who stopped by to say hi. Uncle Bill is doing well and still has a mind that is sharp as a tack. And as usual with the Howard family, the conversation came around to politics. Another spirited debate with Uncle Bill in one corner and Billy in the other corner each making their points. Rick and I just stir the pot. At 92 you have to give the decision to Uncle Bill. Billy and Karen live next door and they raise chickens and goats and have a wonderful vegetable garden. They make their own cheese and can food for the winter. Rick and his new wife Rhema, who is from Russia, are enjoying life to the fullest. It was great seeing them all again and wishing we had more time spend. We headed back to the Cape for dinner at Craig and Val’s house. We had a nice meal of seared tuna and many glasses of wine and we didn’t get home until midnight. You know you’re in trouble when the grandchildren are reprimanding us for coming home late. All and all it was a fantastic day.
August 6, 2012
Dawn broke on another lovely day with low humidity. That was a relief. The girls slept in and we finally got them out of the house around 11am to do some kayaking. We launched at Monks Cove, a little out of the way place that we use to take our kids. Of course things do change and you now need a beach sticker. And of course along came the police to politely ask us to leave. I was talking to officer and recognized his name. After a brief conversation about knowing his brother and him going to school with my son, we got the green light to stay and we could park at any of the beaches while we were in town. Noel would have been proud of me. After kayaking, Annette, I and the girls went to their dad’s house, where they prepared dinner and we spent some time talking and catching up on what’s gone on in Scott’s life this past year. The girls stayed the night and Annette and Cilla will pick them up in the morning and do some shopping. We stopped on the way home for a drink at the Lobster Trap. A few years ago it was a BYOB seasonal self service restaurant. Now it has full dinning and a full bar with Valet parking. I guess that’s progress. Another full day and the time is flying by.
Bob and Annette

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August 4, 2012
We woke up this morning to another beautiful day. The girls were still at their sleepover, so we opted for another bike ride along the canal. Nice ride going North and another tough ride coming back. We went for lunch at the Chapoquoit Grill where our oldest son Scott works, tending bar. They have great pizza and many wonderful items on the menu. They don’t take reservations and the place is packed at night. It’s a great bar area where the people like to gather and have a few cocktails before they eat. They also have wonderful desserts and we sample two of them. After lunch we headed to Falmouth for a walk about. Years back nobody went to Falmouth, they all headed to Hyannis. Falmouth only had one restaurant, the Quarter Deck, which is still there and not much else. Now they have a nice verity of restaurants to choose from, free parking and fun shopping. Falmouth is now the place to go and spend the evening. We took the scenic route back through west Falmouth and stopped for a cold one at the Chart Room in Cataumet. It’s on the water at Kingman’s Marina and another place you have to make reservations a week in advance. It doesn’t look like much at first but the view is great and the food is excellent. The lobsta sandwich is to die for. We are back at the house and settling in for a quiet evening. Note to self, when your granddaughter face times you, you don’t hold the phone to your ear and keep saying hi. They are not interested in checking out your inner ear. Anyone interested in an I phone, cheap?
Bob and Annette

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VT and Cape Cod


July 30, 2012
We left Michel and Lucie this morning after a hearty breakfast of eggs and toast. Michel is pulling out all the stops before Lucie puts him back on a healthy regiment. I am already missing the ice cream and maple syrup, it’s to die for. We spent 45 minutes at the border in a long line waiting for customs but other than that the ride was a non event. Thank goodness it was all downhill. We checked into the condo around 1pm and crashed for a few hours. We had a nice dinner at the Hearth and Candle restaurant at Smuggles Notch. We had a great conversation with the bartender and another man at the bar and then headed back to the condo to Skype the girls. I think it will be an early night tonight.
July 31, 2012
We spent the day in Stow VT today. Walked around town and had a nice lunch at the Green Mountain Inn, Whip Bar and Grill. We ate outside on the patio with flowers all around the courtyard. The lunch was outstanding, just a little more that you need in the afternoon when there is no place to take a nap. We hit a few stores on the way back to the condo. We picked up some wine, cheese and duck pate for dinner tonight. To get to Stow you have to go over the notch. It’s a very narrow and winding road that barely has room for two cars. Beautiful drive though and lots of nice scenery. We also stopped at the Von Trapp Lodge. We haven’t been there in many years and it hasn’t changed much. One of the changes, they make their own Austrian beer. It was excellent, and it was cold. They still put out tea, cookies, cheese and crackers every afternoon around 4pm. It’s a nice touch especially during the ski season. We pack up tonight and head out to Cape Cod in the morning. It’s not much more than a three to four hour drive depending on the traffic in Boston. We can’t wait to see the kids and grand kids. They have been texting every 10 minutes over the past few days. Have to run its wine time.
August 1, 2012
The drive to Cape Cod was in and out of the rain. We arrived around 1pm and it was great seeing the twins again. They are getting so big. Our daughter in law was home from work and it was hugs and kisses all around. Our oldest son Scott stopped by to say hi in between jobs. Hard to believe we have a 42 year old son. Where does the time go? We went for lunch with the girls. Just had to get the stuffed quahogs with an ice cold beer. we are planning on dinner at the house tonight. The girls are checking Grammy out on the I phone and already playing games. I’ll get the bikes out of the shed tomorrow and pump up the tires. Maybe we can get them up early for a bike ride along the cannel. Talk to you later.
August 2, 2012
Slow day today. We pumped up some bike tires and borrowed a bike from our youngest son Craig and his wife Val. It’s an older bike but the tires are round and we will hopefully try some biking tomorrow. We did some shopping for bike helmets and belated birthday gifts for the girls. Then it was lunch at Vels. It’s an Italian restaurant that has been around since the Second World War. Good food and reasonable pricing has made it a local hangout for all these years. I did a few odd jobs around the house and before you know it, wine time has arrived. Time to chill out and see what tomorrow brings.

August 3, 2012

Well dawn broke on a partly sunny day. We lined up all the bikes, adjusted seats and handlebars and off we went for a short ride. The twins need a little more time to get into the bike thing. We left the girls back at the house texting and we headed off to the Cape Cod Canal for a ride. It’s a 14 mile round trip from one end to the other. It’s flat and a easy ride going North however, the return trip is a constant wind in your face ride. I’m not sure what’s the hardest, the hills of Montreal or fighting the wind for 7 miles. I’ll take the hills! The pictures are of the Bourne Bridge and if you look in the distance you can see the train bridge. I believe it is one of the few remaining bridges in the country that are raised and lowered to allow the trains to pass. It was a nice ride and easy access from the house. I wish we had a nice bike trail in Bonita Springs. They were talking about converting the rail system into a bike trail but I believe that ended with the recession. The girls are doing a movie and sleepover with some friends tonight. Not sure what we are doing, we will have to wait and see.
Bob and Annette

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July 29, 2012
We had a light breakfast this morning and then, you guessed it, off for a bike ride. This time it was off to Mont-Tremblant. It was about 18 miles round trip. We stopped for cappuccino at the Mont-Tremblant village. We remembered a few watering holes that we visited on our last trip to this area. If you haven’t been here it’s a nice way to spend the day and a fun place to bring the grand children. Or even adults who act like children. The ride was a little tougher this time with a few more hills. Michel says it’s downhill but it must be a Canadian thing. Anyway, we have now completed our physical exercise for the next 2 months and as Michel says, it’s all downhill from here. We also stopped for lunch on the way back. It was a nice restaurant that was converted from the old train station. They had a nice selection of food and we all settled for salad. I had the big salad because I needed to carb up after biking. Swimming and rock climbing are still on the agenda, just not sure if we will have time to squeeze it in before we leave. It’s off in the morning for Smugglers Notch VT for two days before the trip to Cape Cod. This has been a wonderful stay and we can’t say enough about Michel and Lucie, that’s Lucie with an E not Y. We have had so much fun and laugh’s the past few days and they are two fantastic people. We can’t wait to see them when they get back to Florida.
Bob and Annette

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More Fun In Canada


July 27, 2012
Dinner last night was outstanding again. Sitting outside with the cool nights is a nice relief from the hot nights in Florida. I guess once you live in New England you do tend to miss the changing seasons. It was nice seeing Michal and Helena again. They look great and are playing tennis several times during the week. They also have a cabin close by that they work on from time to time. The wine and conversation continued on until 10:30 and then it was time to hit the sack and prepare for golf in the morning. What a beautiful course Michel and Lucie belong to. We sure were glad we were riding because there are hills and slopes on every hole. Michel, Lucie and Annette played well and I had the high score again. I was spending more time in the woods than on the green stuff. It was a fun day and the beer and wine tasted good after golf. Tonight we dine out; Michel needs a break from grill duty. Annette and Lucie have been doing the preparing and I was designated to the cleanup position. It’s a job that keeps me away from food prep and that’s better for all concerned. We are having a fantastic time and Michel and Lucie are great.
We had a wonderful dinner last night in Saint-Sauveur at Chantal ET Tony Bistro a Vino. The wine was great and the food was outstanding. After dinner we walked around town. It’s a nice town with lots of small shops, coffee cafés, and many restaurants. There was a show going on in the Village Green next to the church. It was a tap dance group and they were very good. Back at the house we watched the Olympic opening ceremonies and managed to stay awake until the American and British teams made their grand entrance.

July 28, 2012

We slept in this morning and Michel made his famous French toast for breakfast. He has been hinting for several mornings that we should give it a try. Lucie is working on keeping him on healthy foods but she finally relented. It was great and when you add the real maple syrup, it kicks it up another level. After breakfast it was a nice walk around the development. There are many beautiful homes with nice flower gardens and wooded lots. And did I mention; many hills. After the walk we packed up the cars and headed out for another bike ride. We did another leisurely ride to Val-David and had a wonderful lunch at a small café. I was just kidding about the leisurely ride. Then it was mostly downhill for the return trip. Of course that wasn’t enough for Michel and I we had to tack on another few miles and Lucie and Annette drove the cars down to meet us at the next stop. By the time I road into the parking lot my legs were like rubber. And Michel was waiting there, looking like he was ready to keep going. It was about 20 miles round trip. Back at the house Michel and Lucie wanted to know if we would like to go rock climbing with them before dinner. I’m very happy that they were just joking. It’s off to Michal and Helena’s for a cookout tonight and then we pick some blue berries. We have to forge for our dessert.
The cookout at Michal and Helena’s was great, especially the sausage. They have a beautiful home and are fun people to be with. After dinner we went to the cabin. There cabin is only 5 minutes from their house but when you are there it feels very remote. The cabin is on the side of a hill, looking over the mountains. Michal and Helena built this cabin by themselves, from the ground up. It’s rustic yet it still has modern conveiniences. We did pick some wild blueberries and they were delicious. After that we headed back to Michel and Lucie’s to watch some of the Olympics, get a good night’s sleep and dream about what activities tomorrow will bring. Bob and Annette

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