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July 27, 2012
Dinner last night was outstanding again. Sitting outside with the cool nights, is a nice relief from the hot nights in Florida. I guess once you live in New England you do tend to miss the changing seasons. It was nice seeing Michal and Helena again. They look great and are playing tennis several times during the week. They also have a cabin close by that they work on from time to time. The wine and conversation continued on until 10:30 and then it was time to hit the sack and prepare for golf in the morning. What a beautiful course Michel and Lucie belong to. We sure were glad we were riding because there are hills and slopes on every hole. Michel, Lucie and Annette played well and I had the high score again. I was spending more time in the woods than on the green stuff. It was a fun day and the beer and wine tasted good after golf. Tonight we dine out; Michel needs a break from grill duty. Annette and Lucie were doing the preparing and I was designated to the cleanup position. It’s a job that keeps me away from food prep and that’s better for all concerned. We are having a fantastic time and Michel and Lucie are great.
Bob and Annette

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July 24, 2012
We left Bill and June with hugs and kisses and promises to stop by again and see some more sites. They were great hosts and we can’t wait to see them in Florid this fall. It was a nice ride through the Lake George area and no problem crossing the border. We arrived at Annette’s cousins, Marcel and Lucy’s around 2pm and after a nice lunch, the pictures came out and old times were discussed. Annette use to visit when she was a child. They would come when the maple syrup was running and drip the syrup on the snow, twirl it onto a stick and eat it. It was off to Lucy’s sister , Armande, for dinner. Her husband passed away several years ago and she has a new friend, Richard. And he is a hoot. Well, out came the wine and cheese and more wine and well you know the rest of the story. We had a nice dinner and followed that up with sugar pie. Sugar pie taste just like it sounds. When you are on vacation who counts calories!

July 25, 2012

It was a very nice visit and after a cardiac breakfast in the morning it was time to say good bye. We were off to visit Michel and Lucie. After the death defying ride through Montreal, we headed to the mountains, where the driving was a little less stressful. We arrived at Michel and Lucie around 2pm and it was great seeing them again. They have a beautiful home on the golf course. Lucie has a green thumb and there are flower all around the outside of the house. We took the tour and then decided to do a short leisurely bike ride. Off we went to this nice bike trail that was a slight uphill grade to the church. You have to ride with Michel to understand what his idea of leisurely is. The church is a place to stop for information, rest up and get some water. Then it was downhill all the way back to the car. I enjoyed that part the best. It was approximately 12 miles round trip. We ended the day with a nice fish dinner on the deck and some more wine and plans to bike or kayak tomorrow, depending on the weather.

July 26, 2012

After breakfast we decided to try our luck at kayaking. It was cloudy but no rain which made it a perfect day. What a beautiful lake. We went up one side of the lake, stopped for some snacks and then came back down the other side of the lake. It was about 7 miles round trip. The arms and shoulders are just a little sore but it was a great way to spend the day. We are resting up after our lunch and Michal and Helena are coming for dinner. It should be a fun night. It’s golf tomorrow and we are hoping our arms still work well enough to swing the club.
Bob and Annette

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Lake George

July 24, 2012
We had a late wakeup call this morning and leisurely breakfast. June is interested in getting the I phone for her trip to Europe, so there was some deep discussion on the pros and cons. I figure if Annette and I can make it work, anyone can. We had plans to kayak but there were storms in the area so we decided to go to Lake George and spend the day. We took a steamboat paddlewheel tour on the Minne Ha Ha around Lake George. It’s a beautiful lake about 34 miles long and I believe he said it was around 200 feet deep in some areas. Many beautiful homes and inns line the shore line. Many of the cottages have boat houses and most of them match the same theme as the main house. Next we stopped at the Inn at Erlowest. It is a beautiful inn with great views of Lake George. They have about 12 rooms nicely furnished and a nice dining room. June and Bill promised to return for dinner in the near future. We continued north to The Sagamore for lunch. We ate in the Pavilion, which is right on Lake George. The food was fantastic. Annette, June and I had lobster, (lobsta for you folks from MA), and Bill settled on a big cheeseburger. We took the self guided tour of the resort and then headed back to Saratoga Springs. We stopped for an after lunch drink at the Olde Bryan Inn established in 1773. It was originally a stagecoach stop. What a great bar to settle into. And the rest of the story is; this where June picked up Bill and as we say, the rest is history. What a pickup line, I have to go home and rake leaves. Swept him right off his feet. We had a quiet evening at home, sipping wine and covering all the hot button topics that no one is suppose to discuss. It was a fabulous few days and Bill and June are fantastic hosts. I would have to say the highlight of the trip was the racetrack, only because we have never been to one before. And everyone said I need to get over Annette’s nag beating out my horse by a nose. Off to the glue factory I say. And speaking of off, it’s off to Canada tomorrow morning.
Bob and Annette

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July 21, 2912
There is nothing like a good night’s sleep to rejuvenate the old body. After a pleasant drive we arrived at Bill and Junes around 1pm. It was great seeing both of them. They live in Saratoga Springs in a beautiful colonial home sitting on three acres of land. You forget what that’s like when you live in Florida, where can reach out your window and shake hands with your neighbor. After catching up on the latest happenings, off we went to the Yaddo rose and rock gardens and a tour of the town. The gardens were donated by Spencer Trask in memory of his wife. We drove by the Saratoga Race Track. It just opened today and we will be heading there tomorrow morning. Saratoga Springs is a very nice town with many of old mansions. Many of them have been restored and have beautiful gardens. They are also noted for their mineral spring water that flows from drinking fountains in the parks. Next we stopped by the Saratoga National Country Club. What a fantastic golf course with a grand club house. We sat out back with a view of the 18th hole and enjoyed our cocktails. Bill managed to escape the full deluge of a miss guided beer that upset the waitress more that it did Bill. To cap if off, Annette saw Bill Parcells sitting at the end of the bar and had her picture taken with him. Then it was back to the house for dinner. After dinner it was off to town around 8pm. The town was rocking with bands on almost every corner. We hit a few hot spots, listened to some great music and went back to the house around 11pm. Off to bed with a full day of activities planned for tomorrow starting at 8am.

July 22, 2012

It was an early wakeup call this morning. Off to the track to catch the trolley tour of the Saratoga Race Track back gate. The tour guide took us through all the stable area’s. He explained the history of the track and all that goes in to making this a great horse racing destination. It was a great tour and June filled in any of the details that were missed. She worked at the track for several years, so she has many interesting points that make everything more interesting. We went back to the house for breakfast and will be going to the track later this afternoon, to see the pony’s run and make some easy money. Bill is checking all the stats so we will have our ducks all in a row when we arrive. More to follow on this subject. We are back from the track after a nice dinner in town. Annette and Bill were the big winners. Funny story, I bet the number 9 horse at 24 to 1 odds. The horse comes out of the gate and has a 15 length lead at the final turn. Out of no where comes the number 2 nag to win by a nose. There goes a 5 dollar bet at 24 to 1 and Annette turns to me and says, I just won on the number 2 horse at 3 to 1 on a three dollar bet. And I said that, makes you happy! That's when the fight started. It was a fun day and thanks to Bill and June for making it even better. See ya.
Bob and Annette

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Travel day, rain rain rain and more rain. Not to mention the construction. We are all settled in after a nice dinner at Outback. We had a great time with Peter and Susan and looking forward to seeing Bill and June tomorrow. That's all I have, good night.
Bob and Annette

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