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Susan/Peter Last Day

July 18, 2012
Last night we had a very nice meal at the Banana Leaf, a Thi restaurant. The food was outstanding and you had your choice of how hot and spicy you wanted your meal. I would highly recommend this place if you are in the area. I had another early morning wakeup call. We had a 7:30 court time, so we had to hit the road early. It was another fun match with Peter, Gary, Dan and I. The girls didn’t play until 9 so they had the advantage of a few more winks. After a nice lunch Susan took us on the Cincinnati tour. Very nice city with pigs on every corner, see attached photo. Who said pigs can’t fly! We have a couple of hours of down time before hooking up with Gary and Trish for dinner tonight. We are looking forward to seeing them again before we take off.

July 19, 2012

We enjoyed another great dinner last night with some fantastic friends. We also had the opportunity to see Gary and Trish’s house. What a beautiful home, I’m sure they have mixed emotions about leaving. We got to sleep in today with nothing on the agenda until late morning. Susan and Annette are playing golf and Peter and I are doing tennis. Annette and Susan did meet with the ladies for coffee again this morning at 8am. I was sitting enjoying my coffee in the garden area, when Peter returned with Lucie Lou and a little shook up. He was walking the dog, when he noticed someone walking two Pit Bulls coming from the opposite direction. Of course the dogs were not on a leash and Peter had to rescue Lucie, as one of the dogs charged and jumped on his chest, trying to get at Lucie. No injuries to anyone but the rest of the story is, the dogs name was Peter. The golf and tennis were rained out but not before we managed to get significantly wet. We had lunch this afternoon at the breakfast club and eating in this evening. Then it’s pack up and get ready to leave in the morning. This has been a wonderful stay and Susan and Peter were wonderful hosts. We will miss them both and can’t wait to see them again in Florida.
Bob and Annette

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Lebanon OH

July 17, 2012
We played one more round of golf on Sunday afternoon. Three and one half hours, cart paths only again. You might be thinking, three and on half hours, that’s not bad. That was the front nine. We made the turn and played a few on the back side and then road the final holes back to the clubhouse into the sun set.
We had an early start on Monday morning and with a stop for a quick lunch KY, we arrived at Peter and Susan’s around 2:30 in the afternoon. It was great seeing them both and their beautiful home in historic Lebanon OH. After the grad tour we settled in our guest quarters and arrived for cocktails around 6pm. Gary and Trish arrived shortly after and it was nice seeing them and celebrating the selling of their home in Lebanon. They will be living full time in Florida shortly. We also celebrated Gary’s birthday. Susan and Peter prepared a fantastic five course dinner, followed by copious amounts of wine and conversation that went on until 11pm. We did manage to stager back to the guest quarters for a good night’s sleep.
Peter and I had an early wakeup call with an 8am court time. They have a beautiful tennis facility with indoor and outdoor courts. We played three sets with Gary and another gentleman and managed to sweat out all the toxins from the night before. Annette and Susan hooked up with some ladies for coffee in the morning and some good conversation. In the afternoon we strolled through downtown and had a nice lunch. It’s a very charming town with a lot of history. The Golden Lamb Inn is noted for being a presidential candidate stop on the campaign trail. They give speeches, have dinner and some spend the evening. The rooms are all named after the Presidents who have stopped by. They have a great looking lounge that we will definitely check out before we leave. Peter and Susan took us on the grand tour of Lebanon in the afternoon. They have YMCA that is just unbelievable. Multiple indoor and outdoor pools, volley ball, basketball, indoor soccer court, several different locker rooms for various age groups and much more. It’s an incredible facility and the place is packed with activities. Well, it’s approaching cocktail hour again and we need to decide what restaurant we will be dinning at this evening.
Take care Bob and Annette

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Fairfield Glade TN


July 15, 2012
The drive up from Macon was in and out of rain showers for most of the trip. The good news is we found a gas station in TN selling gas for $2.91. It’s funny how we get excited when gas is under three dollars. Are we programmed or what! We arrived at Fairfield Glen early and the room wasn’t ready, so we had lunch and decided to play nine holes. I don’t think there is a level place on the whole course. Add in a little rain and some thunder and lightning with cart paths only and you have one interesting round of golf. Luckily we arrived back slightly wet but no lightning strikes. We have a nice two bedroom villa with full kitchen and fireplace. We went for a nice long walk this morning checking out the resort. It’s a very nice place with lots to do. The only down side is, many of the activities don’t open until 12 on Sunday and many of the local restaurants are closed on Sunday. So we are on our way to scout out a place for lunch. Tomorrow it is off to Ohio to see Peter and Susan. Can’t wait to see them, along with Gary and Trish.
Bob and Annette

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Macon GA

July 13, 2012
We made it to Macon GA, our first stop on the journey. Checked in at the Comfort Inn and headed out to the Outback for dinner. We are off to Fairfield Glade in Tennessee tomorrow morning. It’s only 300 miles so we have a short driving day. Funny story before we left Bonita last night. Annette was consolidating and put some Vodka and gin in two plastic water bottles, for the trip. I went to the fridge before going to bed to get some water to take my cholesterol medication. Well, just as I took a gulp, Annette yelled noooooooooooo and the Vodka hit the back of my throat at the same time. There is nothing like passing two pills and one large gulp of vodka through your nose. Trust me when I say, it wasn’t pretty. I guess I didn’t notice the V on the bottle cap. And that’s when the fight started. Just kidding it was pretty funny. Signing off for now, Bob and Annette.

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Packed Up and Ready To Go

The car is packed and we are ready to head out in the morning. We should be in Macon GA tomorrow afternoon, for the first stop on this x-country adventure. And when I say we are packed up, I mean packed up. We look like the Beverly Hillbillies. We just need the rocking chair on the roof for Annette. That was a joke, dear. Looking forward to seeing everyone along the way and keeping everyone updated with the web site. Feel free to post comments, there always fun to read.
Bob and Annette

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